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Major Life Update: I Moved to Pittsburgh

Major Life Update: I moved to the Steel City this weekend!

As you can imagine, it was an incredibly tough choice to leave FOX after three years full-time (plus a year of interning at FOX Sports), and even tougher decision to leave my second home of seven years. I moved to New York as a wide-eyed SoCal teenager (wow!), and am leaving completely transformed and ready to take on the world.

In the end, it was time for my next challenge and Pittsburgh seemed like the perfect place for me to continue my personal and professional development.  The ‘Burgh is obviously a HUGE sports town (which I LOVE), its food scene is buzzing, and my incredibly supportive boyfriend lives here.  What more could I ask for? (Editors Note: I also happen to live across from a Target and a Whole Foods – I don’t think I can ask for anything else)

Though I will miss the hustle and bustle of New York, late night $1 pizzas, early morning bagels, and pure craziness of the greatest city on Earth, I am ready for my next opportunity and adventure in Pittsburgh.

Signing off for the last time as Meg in Manhattan! Here’s to Patten in Pittsburgh.


Tompkins Square Dog Parade 2015

The Tompkins Square Dog Parade is easily one of my favorite things about living in New York City and one of my favorite days of the year. I’m a dog lover, so this shouldn’t even come as a surprise to most of you. This year, instead of venturing around the block from my old apartment (located on TSP), Phebe, Maddi, and I trekked to the East Village after an amazing brunch in Hoboken.

Clearly, the English Bulldog named Wallace, was one of my favorites, and thus most photographed pup, however, I did throughly enjoy snuggling with some of the Australian Shepard dogs. What can I say? I have a soft spot for dogs in the collie family.

You can see all the photos here on my blog, filed away under Snapshots.



Summer Daze

I always dreamed of having a perfect summer in New York. What I forgot to factor in, was the fact that I work 40+ hours a week and didn’t make enough money to do the things I truly want: travel and eat lots of food. Fortunately for me, I’m surrounded by some pretty amazing people who helped make my first summer in New York pretty great.

After looking through most of my photos, I can tell you I spent a significant amount of time at sporting events, running around Manhattan, apartment searching, and trying new restaurants.

Here’s some photos that perfectly capture my first summer in the Big Apple.

Post NCAA Bliss

After a night of celebrating the Stevens Duck’s National Championship, Dave and I decided to explore the city on my final day. We had no real plans, but I had some ideas in mind so we started right off the 14th Street Path Station at Chelsea Market. I had taken Dave to the High Line, but he had never been to Chelsea Market before so we walked around before settling on some tacos for lunch. As a self-proclaimed Mexican Food expert (aka Snob), I give these tacos 2 thumbs up (just look at how generous they are with their guacamole servings!

With some food in our bellies to fuel the rest of our adventures, we ventured up to Columbus Circle and then Central Park before heading off to my favorite museum (and the only one I’ve been to), the American Museum of Natural History. As most of you know, I’m not a big art fan, or museums for that matter, but there is something so unique and cool about the Dinosaur and animal exhibits at the AMNH. Personally, I am a huge fan of the T-Rex as you can tell from the selfie below. Between’s Dave’s tired legs and my somewhat broken foot, we decided that we should probably head back, but not before a stop at the one and only Shake Shack! There’s just something about those burgers and custard shakes – what’s the secret?

Unfortunately, my time in New York passed by quicker than you can say “National Championship” and I was back on a plane to San Diego the next day. So many great memories were made that weekend – I’m looking forward to what comes next!



If somebody were to ask what the three most important things about me are they’d be (in no order of importance): 1. I love to workout   2. My friends and family are the most important thing in my life and 3. I LOVE surprises, both being surprised and surprising other people.

Long story short, I bought myself a plane ticket to NY to surprise my old roommate, Erin, for her birthday, celebrate Galentines Day with Phebe, and see Dave play some volleyball. It was a whirlwind of trip, but a much-needed trip back to frigid temperatures to see my closest friends.

Here’s some  quick highlights of my long weekend in the city that never sleeps:

Saturday: landed at JFK and headed straight to Phebe’s in the East Village.  After indulging ourselves with See’s Candies, we headed over to my old apartment to surprise Erin. SURPRISE Erin! Cue lots of hugs and “Is this real life?”  a la David After Dentist. Head back to Phebe’s place and get ready to go to Hair of the Dog on the LES.

Sunday: Wake up and engage in our old “habits”. We head to Coles to workout and watch the men’s basketball game, then I head to Hoboken see Dave.

Monday: Brunch with Erin at Cafe Gitane followed by a workout at Coles with Phebe. Cafe Gitane is a cute French Moroccan place that is most known for its Avocado Toast. It is absolutely divine – a must try on my list.

Tuesday: Erin’s Birthday!  Lunch with my former marketing professor, Ted Philipakos, at local Greek restaurant, Ovelia,  in Queens to catch up.

Wednesday: Head to Hoboken to hang with Dave. Grab lunch at my favorite Italian Deli, Vito’s (I ordered the Vito). Watch Dave and the rest of his team destroy SUNY New Paltz in three straight sets with Phebe.

Thursday: Breakfast with Phebe and Etan at Hoboken Gourmet Company. Head back to California. Cue tears and nostalgia.


It was a quick trip, but I’m so glad I was able to see my friends and surprise Erin! Hopefully I’ll be back before graduation!