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Major Life Update: I Moved to Pittsburgh

Major Life Update: I moved to the Steel City this weekend!

As you can imagine, it was an incredibly tough choice to leave FOX after three years full-time (plus a year of interning at FOX Sports), and even tougher decision to leave my second home of seven years. I moved to New York as a wide-eyed SoCal teenager (wow!), and am leaving completely transformed and ready to take on the world.

In the end, it was time for my next challenge and Pittsburgh seemed like the perfect place for me to continue my personal and professional development.  The ‘Burgh is obviously a HUGE sports town (which I LOVE), its food scene is buzzing, and my incredibly supportive boyfriend lives here.  What more could I ask for? (Editors Note: I also happen to live across from a Target and a Whole Foods – I don’t think I can ask for anything else)

Though I will miss the hustle and bustle of New York, late night $1 pizzas, early morning bagels, and pure craziness of the greatest city on Earth, I am ready for my next opportunity and adventure in Pittsburgh.

Signing off for the last time as Meg in Manhattan! Here’s to Patten in Pittsburgh.


Labor Day Weekend in Rochester

I like to travel. I also like to do things at the spur of the moment, which is why at 9PM on Friday night, a mere 36 hours after moving into my new apartment in Hoboken, I booked a flight to Rochester to spend Labor Day Weekend with Dave.

I barely slept that night, in part due to my sheer excitement, and partly because I had to be up at 3AM to catch the 6AM flight up to Western New York. I got to Rochester, a little after 8AM and was beyond excited to see Dave. After a short ride to his house, I took a quick cat nap before we decided to go hiking up by the Finger Lakes. I am not as familiar with this part of New York, so I was absolutely stunned by the beautiful scenery as we made our way to Watkins Glen. These lakes were all so beautiful, and there was so much GREEN everywhere. It was quite a stark contrast to summers in San Diego and the city!  After an hour or so in the car, we made it to Watkins Glen State Park, where we hiked and walked around. I had never been to a gorge before, and it was like anything else I had ever seen. The rock was so intricately carved by the water over time, it was beautiful – I don’t know else how to describe it.

Following our beautiful hike through Watkins Glen, we went wine tasting at one of Dave’s mom’s favorite wineries, Fox Run. We tried a few wines, and came back with a box of bottles, some cheese curds, and smiles plastered across our faces. That was my first time officially wine tasting and I had so much fun learning about what I did and didn’t like. Turns out, my taste buds liked the cheapest and one of the sweeter wines available, which I was a big fan of.

On Sunday, we had a relaxing morning and then ended up going out boating on Dave’s friend, Q’s boat. It was the first time I had ever been on one of the Great Lakes and the water was so crystal clear. Our first stop in the boat was Irondequoit Bay (I still cannot pronounce it) and we climbed to the top of these sand dunes that overlooked the whole bay – it was absolutely stunning. That night,  I had my first real “Buffalo Wing” experience with the Evan’s family. Two things I learned, 1) There are lots of different wings flavors (I liked the sweeter wings) and 2) I still need to practice “Eating” them to the bone, as I leave too much meat on them.  The wings were so good and definitely reminded me of the impending football season – can’t wait to have real Buffalo wings again.

On Monday, Q, Dave, Caden and I hopped in a car and headed back to the city. I was able to score some pretty sweet Yankees tickets through work to surprise Q’s son, Caden. He was lucky enough to not only score a baseball after the third inning, but also A-Rod’s batting glove. All in all, it was easily my favorite labor day with some of my favorite people.

A huge thank you goes out to the Evan’s family for letting me stay with them on such short notice. I had a fantastic weekend up in Rochester and am so glad I was able to spend some quality time up in Dave’s hometown.

Summer Daze

I always dreamed of having a perfect summer in New York. What I forgot to factor in, was the fact that I work 40+ hours a week and didn’t make enough money to do the things I truly want: travel and eat lots of food. Fortunately for me, I’m surrounded by some pretty amazing people who helped make my first summer in New York pretty great.

After looking through most of my photos, I can tell you I spent a significant amount of time at sporting events, running around Manhattan, apartment searching, and trying new restaurants.

Here’s some photos that perfectly capture my first summer in the Big Apple.

My First Visit to the Jersey Shore

I had never been to the Jersey Shore prior to this weekend. I had also never been to a beach volleyball tournament, despite living in beach volleyball mecca in Southern California. Both these facts, made for quite an eye-opening experience for me.  My biggest worries that the beach was going to be exactly how it was portrayed on the MTV hit show, Jersey Shore. I can now report, that the part of the Jersey Shore that was represented on television is a sliver of the actual “Jersey Shore”. Though the actual beach itself and the fact you had to PAY (yes you read that correctly) surprised this California girl, I was excited to be sitting in the sand to watch Dave play.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my nice camera to Seaside Heights and couldn’t get any action shots, but I am happy to report, that Dave, and his partner Kris, made it to the finals. It was a very long day in the sun and sand, and I now have so much more respect for these beach athletes, as they are not only playing a physically demanding game, but they are also battling the elements (sun, wind, and very hot sand).

My goal for next year is to get in good enough shape so I can try one of these beach tournaments in the future. I love how challenging the sport seems and the fact that it’s on a beach.  My first (and maybe most important) challenge… being able to walk in the sand without tripping.

Grass Volleyball Tournament Round Two

A few weeks after MayFest, Dave and I got back in the car and headed to Horsham, PA for his second grass volleyball tournament of the season. This tournament was a lot of fun for me because I knew a few more people this go-around and was able to take lots of snapshots of the guys in action. Though it rained (well, poured, by my California standards), I once again had a great time watching Dave, and his partner, Kris, dominate on the courts.

May Fest

This weekend I ventured down to Hanover Park, Pennsylvania with Dave to watch him in his first (grass) volleyball tournament of the summer. Dave played in MayFest with his buddy, Doug, and they absolutely killed it. Not only did I have so much fun learning the different rules of the game (compared to indoor), but I met so many wonderful people in the volleyball community.

Here’s to many more adventures and tournaments this summer. Enjoy the pics!