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Summer Daze

I always dreamed of having a perfect summer in New York. What I forgot to factor in, was the fact that I work 40+ hours a week and didn’t make enough money to do the things I truly want: travel and eat lots of food. Fortunately for me, I’m surrounded by some pretty amazing people who helped make my first summer in New York pretty great.

After looking through most of my photos, I can tell you I spent a significant amount of time at sporting events, running around Manhattan, apartment searching, and trying new restaurants.

Here’s some photos that perfectly capture my first summer in the Big Apple.

What is living the dream?

I was once told that you know you’re living the dream when you find yourself  wearing six inch heels, rocking an all-black outfit and with a venti latte glued to your hand. According to that definition, it looks like I’m living the dream. My days are usually filled with back to back activities – rushing around lower Manhattan to get it all done. My mantra is currently, “up by seven, back home by eleven.”

Today was different.

I usually wake up, grab a cup of tea, and usually stuff all of my belongings for the day into a bag of some kind before heading out the door. Twelve + hours later, I’m back to the small, overpriced, but cute apartment, ready to crash into my bed, however usually find myself staying up to complete an assignment, finish some work, or just decompress from it all. Yes, I enjoy working more than anything, but my down days are the vitamins of my life that keep me going.

Today was different. An interview was rescheduled, work was canceled, and class was not held. IT WAS GLORIOUS. I had nothing to do all day.  Being the early bird that I am, I awoke and just sat in complete utter silence. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was at a loss for things to do, people to see, and places to go. I have never felt lazier in my life, but it was much-needed. I didn’t do homework, or my taxes, or even my laundry (like I promised myself I would do). Instead, I went to Trader Joes to get ingredients for my favorite Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Bread. I ended up not being able to find a grater to shred my zucchini, so I made brownies instead but that’s okay. Today was stress-free and beautiful. I lounged around and whimsically decided to get my nails done.

Today I woke up from living the dream. Today, I learned that I am one of those people that thrives under a busy schedule. A rest day, though needed, was hard for me. I didn’t know what to do myself.

Today I realized how incredibly lucky I am to be going to NYU, living in the greatest city, all while chasing my career aspirations. Though the days are long, the work monotonous, and the sleep limited, I am so incredibly thankful I can say I am living the dream. I would have it no other way.


Peace and Love – Meg