Post NCAA Bliss

After a night of celebrating the Stevens Duck’s National Championship, Dave and I decided to explore the city on my final day. We had no real plans, but I had some ideas in mind so we started right off the 14th Street Path Station at Chelsea Market. I had taken Dave to the High Line, but he had never been to Chelsea Market before so we walked around before settling on some tacos for lunch. As a self-proclaimed Mexican Food expert (aka Snob), I give these tacos 2 thumbs up (just look at how generous they are with their guacamole servings!

With some food in our bellies to fuel the rest of our adventures, we ventured up to Columbus Circle and then Central Park before heading off to my favorite museum (and the only one I’ve been to), the American Museum of Natural History. As most of you know, I’m not a big art fan, or museums for that matter, but there is something so unique and cool about the Dinosaur and animal exhibits at the AMNH. Personally, I am a huge fan of the T-Rex as you can tell from the selfie below. Between’s Dave’s tired legs and my somewhat broken foot, we decided that we should probably head back, but not before a stop at the one and only Shake Shack! There’s just something about those burgers and custard shakes – what’s the secret?

Unfortunately, my time in New York passed by quicker than you can say “National Championship” and I was back on a plane to San Diego the next day. So many great memories were made that weekend – I’m looking forward to what comes next!