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Surprise Megventure!

Surprising friends and family is one of my favorite things to do, especially while I’ve been in college. Thanks to the generous support of my Dad, I’ve been able to surprise my mom on multiple occasions and now my sister! Here’s the latest “Megventure” update from Chattanooga, Tennessee!

This season has been physically and emotionally draining. After sitting out for nearly a month with my back, and going through the painfully slow process of getting cleared, it was established that I probably wouldn’t be traveling with the team to Chicago and St. Louis over Halloween weekend. This happened to be the same weekend my sister was also set to be in Chattanooga, TN for her first college race. After learning I wasn’t traveling on the 29th, I jokingly texted my Dad asking if I could surprise my sister in Tennessee with a quick stop in Nashville on Halloween to meet up with Dave and his friend CJ. My joke soon became a reality, when just hours later my flights, Megabus (oh my) and hotels were booked.

Fast forward: It’s now Friday morning (Halloween) and I find myself trekking it to JFK via the subway. Truth be told, I’ve never taken the subway to the airport, just the LIRR – THEY ARE VERY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES.  After switching trains four times and finding a fellow Greenwich Villager like myself, I finally arrived at JFK and made my way to the Admiral’s Club (my airport safe haven).  This is when the surprise truly began to take form – I had talked with Twist and explained that I was going to have a boring weekend and was considering going to Boston (lest I slip up and accidentally post a traveling pic to social media). After some delays, I finally got on my flight to Nashville via Dulles and then sprinted through the airport to catch my next flight. Less than 10 minutes later, I was upgraded to First Class (granted it wasn’t that different on the tiny plane),  and well on my way to the south.

Upon arriving in Nashville, I was immediately greeted by a gentleman on my flight asking if he wanted to split a cab downtown. HELLO SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY?!  I quickly abandoned my New York attitude and said, “Why not?” 20 short minutes later, I was in downtown Nashville and met up with the boys. I immediately fell in love with the city – the people were so sweet, the food was to die for, and the music… don’t even get me started. The three of us ventured out to get some food at Peg Leg Porker (definitely recommend it) then out that night to numerous bars to celebrate Halloween, country-style!

Hours later, I was packing up and headed on my first Megabus Adventure. I paid $14 dollars for my seat on the double-decker packed bus to Chattanooga. I ended up sitting next to a mother and we exchanged stories about our lives – she was on a 15 hour bus ride from Indianapolis to Atlanta (WOAH!). Upon arriving in Chattanooga a few hours later, I sprinted towards “civilization”, also known as Starbucks to get some caffeine and figure out how to get across town. Unlike New York or Nashville, Über does not exist in this quaint town.  After ordering, I asked the barista his recommendation on getting across town. His response, “Try making a friend, I’m sure they won’t mind.” I wish I could have seen my face in that moment because before I could utter another word, he added, “You’re not from around here are you?” Laughing off what I thought was a joke, I began looking up taxi services to bring me to the hotel a few miles down the road. Thirty minutes later, a woman in an old, cluttered white mini van pulls up and I hop in. I kept saying to myself, “Toto, I don’t think we’re in New York anymore.”

After checking into my hotel, I began my reconnaissance of my sister’s hotel across the street. I sat in the lobby for an hour waiting for her team to come back to the hotel from the race course, but began to get hungry so I headed back to my room. I found out that a website similar to Delivery.com exists in Chattanooga, but there’s only about 5 different restaurants with the same cuisine (BBQ) – lucky for me, I was in the mood for some southern cooking.  Once I finished eating, I trekked back to my sister’s hotel and ran into some of her novice teammates who led me into their workout room where Twist would soon be heading.  A few minutes later, Twist was in my arms crying; a surge of emotions no doubt overwhelming the two of us. I knew she had team obligations and workouts before we could hang again, but I was just so happy I was able to see her for a few minutes! It had been almost three months since I had seen her last – and so much had changed for the two of us since then.

Unfortunately, my sister’s races were canceled on Saturday because of strong winds, so she told me to go ahead and move my flight up a day because there was literally NOTHING for me to do in Chattanooga except watch her race.  No more than fifteen minutes after I changed my flights, her races were re-scheduled to Sunday. I was really bummed I missed her race, but that’ll be something I can do next time I surprise her!

Sunday morning, I headed back out to the airport. I gave myself an hour and a half (because of my history with flights) even though the airport was a whopping 7 minutes away. I could have waited 20 minutes before boarding because that’s how long it took to get from my hotel room to the gate. Chattanooga has a single terminal, 5 gate airport (sans Starbucks) with a grand total of maybe 10 employees working at any given time. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed on the ground and I missed my connection in Chicago, pushing back my New York arrival time a few hours. I got back to my apartment late Sunday night with a big smile on my face, knowing that I had once again successfully surprised my family!

It was definitely another Megventure for the books and I am so incredibly blessed I had the opportunity to surprise Twist, hang with Dave, and see Nashville!


I awoke this morning at 5:30 to bring my sister to Penn Station for her visit up to Syracuse. Lest I remind you that this is the morning after my 21st birthday. What I woke up to was white stuff once again falling from the sky. I digress.

I was aware that we had another “storm” heading our way, but I wasn’t expecting this much bad weather. School was delayed by a few hours, but seeing as my classes are all later at night that doesn’t really help much. It snowed Monday after an unseasonably and luckily warm Super Bowl (47 degrees – really?), was cold on my birthday (yesterday), and this morning I wake up to another 4 inches of slush on my sidewalk. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STOP?

Talking with friends about the white fluff, we have come to the agreement that before Christmas the snow is magical and beautiful, however in the days following the New Year, snow is gross, annoying, and quite honestly a big pain.

Though the snow is pretty at first sight, I can’t help but say that I’m missing home (and the beautiful weather) more than ever. Twist on the other hand is loving it – she is knee deep in snow in Syracuse and sending me the heart emoticons with pictures of the snow. If only she understood.

Things That Make Me Smile

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re struggling to keep your head above water? Well last week was one of those weeks, but thankfully I had something to smile about: talking to my Mom and Dad. I came to the realization that after every conversation with them, I’m usually smiling after, no matter how upset or angry I was before. They know how to pick me up when I’m down and how to the light the fire within.

I am blessed to say the least and have hundreds of things to smile about, so when I found out that Oct. 5th was National Smile Day, and got off the phone with my Mom, I immediately headed over to my computer to make a quick list of five things that makes me smile.

  1. This is super repetitive, but talking to my parents is one thing that calms me down when I am infuriated at myself for something or when I am lacking motivation. My relationship with my Mom and Dad has transformed over the years, similar to how an awkward caterpillar morphs into a beautiful butterfly. In high school I was unable to open up to them (for whatever strange reason) but when I jetted off across the country, we became incredibly close. I call them daily, on my walk back from Coles to Union Square and it really soothes my soul and makes me grin from ear to ear.

    Awesome Parents

  2. Snapchat – If you have an iPhone, you should have this app. I am constantly snap chatting friends obnoxious selflies, but hey that’s what it’s for!

    Twist Snapchatting

  3. Finally Understanding Something – I’m currently in Sports Accounting and was so frustrated last week when I was unable to figure out the homework. In class, all of the principles clicked and I was beaming with excitement. Maybe it’s the inner nerd in me, but there is just something awesome about making sense of a difficult concept.
  4. Quotes – My desk is covered in pink, purple, yellow and blue post-it’s with inspirational quotes to get me through the day and to remind me to persevere. I am a sucker (for lack of a better term) for a pieces of inspiration. Check out some of my favorites here!
  5. Last but certainly not least, looking at old photos and watching home videos are one of those things that just puts a smile on my face. I was perusing through Facebook and found photos that seemed like just yesterday but in reality they were from close to ten years ago. This whole growing up thing stinks – I don’t believe I agreed to this.

Climbing Fuji ten years ago

Sisterly Love

Maybe three posts in a single day is too much, but I’d rather write than pack. So for today, I am the Packing Procrastination Princess 🙂

In less than 24 hours I will be in Indianapolis, Indiana for the start of the NCAA Career in Sports Forum. It is essentially a conference about college athletics, coaching, and administration with a couple hundred other NCAA student-athletes chosen to represent their school. NYU was extremely lucky and had 4 student-athletes chosen, and I believe we’re one of the schools with the most participants. Because there are not many flights that arrive before 11AM in Indianapolis from San Diego, I have to leave a day early, which means I have to start packing in about 15 minutes.

Anyways, today’s post is about my younger sister, Twist. She’s a spunky, soccer-loving, super athletic, sixteen year old sophomore who’s dreams are to go to University of Oregon (Go Ducks?!). Even though we may not get along, she’s my sister, and I support her because I love her and she will be famous one day, hopefully on an international soccer platform. Here are few facts and cool pictures about my soccer fanatic sister.



  1. Her real name is not Twist, rather Melissa Ann Patten. She probably will kill me for putting that on the world wide web, oh well! She got her name when she first started walking, and you could follow her path of destruction, just like a Twister.

     National Hug a Soccer Ball Day

    National Hug a Soccer Ball Day

  2. Her juggling record is 2813. I don’t know how she does that, but she does. She loves juggling and constantly points out that she is infinitely better than I am.

    The Queen of Rainbows

    The Queen of Rainbows

  3. She is a health-nut through and through. I cannot even sneak a sip of gatorade without her telling me that I probably need to run another 30 minutes to burn it all off.

    Nutrition Nerd at Heart

    Nutrition Nerd at Heart

  4. She is a wonder twin with her best friend Sam Staab who is practically a part of the Patten family. When they came and visited me at school, they pretended they were twins and everybody bought it.

    Sam winning Nationals

    Sam winning Nationals

  5. She can recite every women’s national team and national pool player and their college.  She loves the beautiful game, what can I say? Plus she is now Rachel Buehler’s training partner when she comes into town – how cool is that?

    At the Women's World Cup with her training partner and Surf Alum Rachel Buehler

    At the Women’s World Cup with her training partner and Surf Alum Rachel Buehler

Jam of the Day: The Champ by Nelly