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Menú del Día-ing

In Spain, it is not uncommon for most restaurants to offer un menú del
día for lunch – sort of a prix-fixe- but for only about 10-12 €. It’s
about the hottest deal in town and usually includes 2 courses, a
beverage, bread and your choice of coffee or dessert.  I’ve definitely
taken advantage of this amazing deal, as to try as many Spanish foods
as possible.

A few  Saturdays ago, I went to this restaurant off of Calle called
Cervcería. Though it wasn’t my favorite menú thus far, I’m glad I
tried it because I got to taste new dishes including. This past weekend in Barcelona, I somehow ended up with baby octopuses in my soup – trying food has definitely become an adventure.

Potaje de vigilia – soup filled with garbanzo beans and grape leaves;
it sort of tastes like miso soup but with a lot more filling
Brucheta de solomillo – This dish was a kebab with French fries and
fancy mustard on the side. The meat was a pork chop – very tasty
naturally  but super fatty as well (not exactly my fav).

At the end of my meal I enjoyed a cappuccino – nothing beats frothed
milk and steaming hot coffee in Europe.

That’s all for now. I’ve included pictures from my other menú del día
adventures below with restaurant names as well, so if any one is in
the area they can indulge themselves as well.

Comida Coma

Let me start by asking, why in the world isn’t Spanish food more popular in the United States? I live in two cities where Spanish is widely spoken and where the cuisine would be widely accepted, but I still have yet to come across any Chocolate con Churros places in the East Village. I digress.

Mercado San Míguel

Mercado San Míguel

The food here is absolutely amazing. I have yet to have a full meal per se, but don’t let that fool you. I think the only thing we’ve really eaten are tapas and croissants for desayuno (breakfast) that we split among ourselves – we look back on our days here and realize we forget to eat full meals most of the time because we snack here and there (but once again I’m going to blame the extremely warped sense of time here). Madrileños typically have a Café con Leche (Espresso coffee with steamed milk) for a breakfast around 8 or 9, which is followed a few hours later by a brief break where they are free to grab another coffee or snack. Around 2:30, they head out to lunch which can either be menú del día (prix fixe) or just sides of things – we usually have been snacking on pincho de tortilla and other tapas like items. What seems like a million hours later, but is actually only 10PM , dinner is usually served. It’s an extremely awkward time, or so it seems to eat dinner, but seeing as most Madrileños don’t go to bed until the wee hours of the morning, it only seems natural.

A cup of café con leche

A cup of café con leche

Wine flows as freely as water here

Wine flows as freely as water here

So far, the girls and I have pretty much have had the same foods from the same restaurants because we are obsessed but here’s our top choices since being here.

Chocolate con churros – Jess and I have frequented the most famous Chocolatería in all of Madrid known as San Gínes. In no less than seven days, we have indulged ourselves five times. The waiters know us (I’m sure by the name las chicas locas americanas) and have begun to give us porras gratis, which are thicker delicious versions of churros FOR FREE.

Our favorite Churro Place

Our favorite Churro Place

Pincho de Tortilla – This Spanish delicacy is composed of egg, onion, and potatoes. It can be served either hot or room temperature, though I prefer the warmer pincho. Accompanied with a side of bread, this comida (food) is always a favorite. When munching away at our local Mercado de San Miguel (the NY version of Eatly), Madrileños can be seen eating this as a late breakfast, lunch or dinner side. This is definitely one recipe I need to learn before returning home!



Pincho de Tortilla

Pincho de Tortilla

Croquetas – I’m not entirely sure how to explain this tapa, but when I asked my roommate, Alinah, to help me come up with some descriptive words, she said, “Oh those fried balls?”Essentially coquetas are a mix of potato and jamón, but are particulary creamy and deep fried. Can anybody say YUM? I’m so excited to try and make these at home!



Paella – As if it wasn’t already the most famous food of Spain, I am in love with Paella (and I’ve only had it once)! Jess and I are on a mission to find a really good plate, but are honestly waiting to go to Barça and Valencia to find our new favorite place 🙂


That’s about all the food for now, but I promise to keep updating my facebook with my latest food adventures 🙂

P.S. Enjoying our American food!

McDonalds in Europe? Don't ask!

McDonalds in Europe? Don’t ask!

Meg’s Guide to Restaurants: Lower Manhattan Edition

As a student-athlete, fueling my body is critical to my performance both on and off the field. As a soccer player, I simply just love to indulge in whatever I can find in the pantry after practice. As a a “new”  New Yorker, I find myself constantly searching Yelp to try and find the coolest cuisine in the country. Regardless of my excuse, New York City has to be one of my favorite cities to eat in (minus it’s lack of Mexican food).  Here’s my top ten restaurants/quick bites/ and places to indulge in the Big Apple.

 Eva’s Health Food – For those times when I was missing Mom’s cooking or whenever I felt like a solid healthy meal, I would often find myself in this tiny restaurant adorned with pictures of body builders and other famous stars that have graced Eva’s with their presence. My go to menu-item is the Victory Plate which is Lemon Chicken, Rice and Veggies all mixed up – so yummy! The crowd isn’t half bad either – if you find yourself hungry around 10 at night, you’ll be sure to run into members of the NYU basketball team. Shout out to Xu and JLiss – Eva’s two top customers and my two favorite bball players.


Crepeaway – Whenever I’m in the mood for a crepe there’s nothing better than Crepeaway. The staff is über friendly and the place is open late Thursday through Saturday. My fav is just chocolate chips – simple I know but still delicious.


Washington Square Diner – This is where my friends and I go whenever we are feeling like breakfast whether that’s at 4 in the morning or 6 at night. They get bonus points because their delivery took less than 10 minutes after we ordered.IMG_2753

 Ben’s Pizza – Best at about 3 in the morning – I’ve had some marvelous moments here. It’s also a block from where I used to live. The price can be a bit inconvenient compared to the dollar pizza around the corner but if you go there enough the non-english speaking pizza serving men will give you free slices 🙂

Max Brenner – Nothing says chocolate like Max Brenner. I love going their for brunch and getting a bagel and a dessert to share. It’s a must-see if you’re ever in Lower Manhattan.


Insomnia Cookies – This place was open late, like the name indicates. Their cookies were fresh and delicious and have helped me get through many late nights. The box of cookies delivered in a pizza box is perfect for any study group. Just be sure to have plenty of milk for those cookies.


5 Guys Famous Burgers and Fries – There are just those times when you need a burger, some fries and a soda to wipe the worries of life away. This is where I’d just catch up with fellow foodie Shelby (a.k.a. Christmas Elf). Though their menu is simple, their food never disappoints.


16 Handles – By far my favorite froyo place in the whole United States. I used to work at a yogurt shop in high school, which I loved, but this place will forever be number one in my heart. Their countless toppings, 16 flavors, and upbeat vibe cannot be beat.


Dos Caminos – As a native San Diegan, I often craved Mexican food. Although I never truly satisfied my cravings food wise and my pocket was hurting afterwards, Dos Caminos did offer the atmosphere that I missed from a typical Mexican restaurant.


Arturo’s Coal Pizza – This family style old-school Italian restaurant never ceases to amaze me. Their  Penne a la Vodka is my personal favorite, but their pizza is pretty good too.


I’m sure I’ll have more updates to this list as I continue my adventure in the city. In the mean time, go out and indulge yourself 🙂