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I can’t believe I’m officially done. I know that I’ve been saying that a lot recently, but the truth be told, a lot of things are officially coming to an end.  Mom and Dad flew out to NY to visit for a few days during to the first week of December to celebrate my impending graduation with the President of NYU, John Sexton. Earlier this Spring, I took a class with him titled Baseball As A Road to God, and upon hearing of my early graduation, he invited me to a private ceremony in his office.

It was so great to see my parents again and have them be present for this special moment. The best part of the weekend, however, was not actually “graduating”, rather celebrating with my friends and family  at my favorite restaurants including Arturo’s with Dave and Erin, Serafina and Morton’s Grille with Phebe and some local spots with my parents.

Meg’s Back in Manhattan

We made it! Sorry for not posting earlier – I think I was just so gosh darn excited to be back In my old stomping grounds. As soon as we arrived, we grabbed our bags and hopped In a taxi ( which to my surprise was a lot more expensive than driving in from JFK). Once we got to our lovely hotel we decided to walk around and grab some dinner. I took my mom to my favorite Italian restaurant, Arturos, which Is on Houston street and indulged in some very tasty salad, pasta and of course bread. After that we walked of our dinner and I showed my mom Washington Square Park, Union Square and parts of the East Village. We ended at a cute little Irish Pub on 2nd Ave called Dempseys where we toasted to adventuring in NYC.

We’re off to explore some more today – here’s some pictures from last night!

Dinner at Arturo's

Dinner at Arturo’s

Back in my city

Back in my city

Mom in WSP

Mom in WSP



Meg’s Guide to Restaurants: Lower Manhattan Edition

As a student-athlete, fueling my body is critical to my performance both on and off the field. As a soccer player, I simply just love to indulge in whatever I can find in the pantry after practice. As a a “new”  New Yorker, I find myself constantly searching Yelp to try and find the coolest cuisine in the country. Regardless of my excuse, New York City has to be one of my favorite cities to eat in (minus it’s lack of Mexican food).  Here’s my top ten restaurants/quick bites/ and places to indulge in the Big Apple.

 Eva’s Health Food – For those times when I was missing Mom’s cooking or whenever I felt like a solid healthy meal, I would often find myself in this tiny restaurant adorned with pictures of body builders and other famous stars that have graced Eva’s with their presence. My go to menu-item is the Victory Plate which is Lemon Chicken, Rice and Veggies all mixed up – so yummy! The crowd isn’t half bad either – if you find yourself hungry around 10 at night, you’ll be sure to run into members of the NYU basketball team. Shout out to Xu and JLiss – Eva’s two top customers and my two favorite bball players.


Crepeaway – Whenever I’m in the mood for a crepe there’s nothing better than Crepeaway. The staff is über friendly and the place is open late Thursday through Saturday. My fav is just chocolate chips – simple I know but still delicious.


Washington Square Diner – This is where my friends and I go whenever we are feeling like breakfast whether that’s at 4 in the morning or 6 at night. They get bonus points because their delivery took less than 10 minutes after we ordered.IMG_2753

 Ben’s Pizza – Best at about 3 in the morning – I’ve had some marvelous moments here. It’s also a block from where I used to live. The price can be a bit inconvenient compared to the dollar pizza around the corner but if you go there enough the non-english speaking pizza serving men will give you free slices 🙂

Max Brenner – Nothing says chocolate like Max Brenner. I love going their for brunch and getting a bagel and a dessert to share. It’s a must-see if you’re ever in Lower Manhattan.


Insomnia Cookies – This place was open late, like the name indicates. Their cookies were fresh and delicious and have helped me get through many late nights. The box of cookies delivered in a pizza box is perfect for any study group. Just be sure to have plenty of milk for those cookies.


5 Guys Famous Burgers and Fries – There are just those times when you need a burger, some fries and a soda to wipe the worries of life away. This is where I’d just catch up with fellow foodie Shelby (a.k.a. Christmas Elf). Though their menu is simple, their food never disappoints.


16 Handles – By far my favorite froyo place in the whole United States. I used to work at a yogurt shop in high school, which I loved, but this place will forever be number one in my heart. Their countless toppings, 16 flavors, and upbeat vibe cannot be beat.


Dos Caminos – As a native San Diegan, I often craved Mexican food. Although I never truly satisfied my cravings food wise and my pocket was hurting afterwards, Dos Caminos did offer the atmosphere that I missed from a typical Mexican restaurant.


Arturo’s Coal Pizza – This family style old-school Italian restaurant never ceases to amaze me. Their  Penne a la Vodka is my personal favorite, but their pizza is pretty good too.


I’m sure I’ll have more updates to this list as I continue my adventure in the city. In the mean time, go out and indulge yourself 🙂