Back to Basics

We are approaching Day 5 of pre-UK training and it’s finally beginning to sink in: less than one week till we touch down in London town and we cannot be more excited. Our days have been filled with two practice sessions and an education component in the middle to supplement our trip to the UK.  Our daily schedule is not set, but it usually consists of a 10AM practice, 1:45 PM education and a 7PM practice. Sometimes our evening practices are substituted with a strength and conditioning session in the early afternoon, so we get more rest time for the following day. Our education lessons are taught by a 5th year Ph.D. student, Angela, who is absolutely amazing. She knows so much about England and the UK – her enthusiasm about the topic is definitely contagious!

On the field, we are looking strong and coming together as a team.  After a semester abroad in Spain, it felt great to finally get back on the field with my teammates. The passes are crisp, the shots are stronger, and our chemistry off the field is evident in the way we play – it’s almost as if we can read each other’s mind and where we want the ball to go.  If we’re looking like this now, I cannot wait for how we will be playing come September.

As the turf burns find their places below our knees and the blisters begin to form underneath our toes, we are subtly reminded that we are home again, not only on the field, but also as a team.  I feel so incredibly blessed to not only be spending part of my summer training with them but also traveling abroad with them.

Until next time.

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