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Summer Wrap Up

As I sit here typing my summer recap, I can’t help but think these past few months were my “last summer”. I don’t mean to say that I won’t have  days at the beach, or weekend getaways, but going into my last semester of school, the only things I imagine in my near future are long hours, office cubicles, and an entry-level income. That being said, this past summer was one for the books and here are my top 10 favorite things about Summer 2014:

1. FOX Sports San Diego – Is it ironic that I start my list with an internship? Over the summer I worked in the marketing department doing everything from learning about OAP’s (On-Air-Promotions) to helping manage our two brand representatives ( the FOX Sports SD Girls) to writing press releases and drafting tweets. The stuff I learned was only half the fun though; the people I worked with (shout out to Megan, Gema, Jacquelyn, Katie, and Brie… the list goes on) were absolutely incredible. I can only hope that my first job will have coworkers that are half as amazing as these ladies. Did I mention that I also got to cool events and spend my summer at the ballpark? Talk about one killer internship!

2. World Cup – Do sports montages make you as emotional as they make me? When the US qualified for the World Cup and the #IBelieve commercial came out, I was ECSTATIC to say the least. The best part of the WC, besides the US making it out of the Group of Death, was Tim Howard‘s stellar performance (16 SAVES!), putting a GK in the spotlight (He was even named Secretary of Defense on Wikipedia!).

3. Fourth of July – The fourth is my favorite holiday by and far. But, what’s not to like? Hot dogs, fireworks, slip n’ slides and hanging with friends. This year I spent my 4th on Coronado, which is arguably the best place to spend a fourth. There is a sense of camaraderie because it’s such big Navy town and there’s nothing better than watching fireworks on the beach, right?

4. The Beach – What sort of San Diegan would I be if I left the beach off my top 10 things about this summer? There’s no greater feeling than the saltiness of the air, wind blowing through your hair and the sun beating down on your face. The beach and ocean are my place of solace – where I go when I want to escape and I am so blessed to have so many beaches at my fingertips.

5. San Francisco – One of my best friends and teammates, Phebe, lives in San Francisco and I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with her in Marin. It was an adventure (Megventure) filled weekend and you can see all the highlights in my blog here!

6. Boston – This past Spring, I was elected as Vice President of NYU SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee). This position led to an opportunity to represent NYU at the UAA SAAC (University Athletic Association) in Boston the first week of August. I, along with the rest of our exec board and Denise, our advisor spent 48 hours in Boston reviewing legislature, meeting our conference rivals, and conquering a ropes course. I walked away with 30 new friends, a sense of community within our conference, and a black eye (Let me tell you, tag is dangerous!).

7. FOX Sports (LA) – On my last day in San Diego, I drove up to Los Angeles to get a tour of FOX Sports 1’s studios and meet with some people in the communications department. My visit to LA reaffirmed my passion for working in sports broadcasting and desire to continue my career with FOX Sports.

8. Learning to drive stick – I’ve wanted a shiny, fire engine red, Jeep Wrangler for as long as I can remember; the only thing standing in my way (besides the cost) is the fact that I have no idea how to drive manually. One of our closest family friends, Yo and Trena, however, own a 1985 Jeep Laredo and on one of their last days in San Diego they let me “learn” to drive stick. After stalling out what seemed like 100 times and giving whiplash to my passengers, I finally was able to shift up and down through the gears while riding around the block.

9. Catching up with old friends – I was a little weary of returning to San Diego this summer because many of my high school friends were either back at their respective colleges, interning in LA/NY, or traveling the world. Luckily for me, two of my oldest friends, Lauren and Kayla were around this summer and we spent HOURS together giggling, reminiscing and just being girls. It’s sort of strange to think that I’ve known them since I was less than a year old and 21 years later we’re still friends despite all the places I’ve moved and events that have transpired.

10. Spending time with family – Family is not an important thing to me. It’s EVERYTHING. This summer I was blessed to spend so much time with my mom, dad and sister, along with my adopted family (the Staab’s). I know I can always count on them to have my back and support me in all my endeavors. As I end my last summer, I realized how much they’ve sacrificed for me to get where I’m at and I’m eternally thankful for everything they’ve done.

As the leaves turn to orange, the weather gets colder and football season hits full force, I bid adieu to my last summer. I will cherish it closely in my heart forever.


My Fitspiration

It comes as no surprise to me that my time at Fitness Quest 10 flew by quicker than you can bust out 10 burpees, but hey, time flies when you’re getting fit right?  The competitive yet family like culture, sheer positive energy radiating from the facility and the beaming trainers, employees and clients are just a few of the many reasons why my internship this summer rocked so much.

I’ve learned so much during the course of my internship, like how to deal with high profile clients, and how to explain my fitness journey to people, but perhaps the most helpful thing I’ve come to learn is the importance of the people whom you surround yourself with.

It’s not everyday when you’re get up at 5:30, work out at 6, work for 8 hours, and you still want to hang out with the people you’ve just spent 12 hours with. There is something to be said about the people I had the incredible opportunity to work with at Fitness Quest 10 these past few months. I looked forward to going to work each and every morning, not because I loved what I did (which I really did!), but because of the people who greeted me with a huge smile at 6AM in the morning and gave me gigantic hugs each night as I left completely drenched with sweat. These trainers, clients, and staff transformed my life in so many ways; I couldn’t even begin to list how much I will miss them.  Though the employees at the gym were absolutely incredible, this post is dedicated to my FITSPIRATION, all the interns who I had the distinct opportunity to get know on a more personal basis.

Amanda – My fellow marketing intern! Your go-with-the-flow personality and contagious smile made coming to work that much easier. I was ecstatic upon finding out that you would be my fellow marketing intern and am so glad I got to know you better. You taught me so much using the cameras and I really enjoyed being partners in crime with you and grabbing Starbucks (and Chez) with you. Best of luck at Oregon, I know we’ll keep in touch.

Emma – Do your feet hurt from kicking so much ass? Girl, you’re running the world and you don’t even know it yet. I loved coming into the gym and yelling your name because I knew I would get an equally loud response, followed by an epic hug. Keep your head up and working hard because it will pay off.

Elliott – Pretty Boy, I miss your awesome hugs already. Let me tell you how inspiring you are to us all. Your love for your family, desire to be the best and big smile on your face is truly encouraging, especially during a grueling workout. Though we didn’t get to hang out as much as I wanted, I know we will hang in the near future. Much love my fellow San Diegan.

Sibel – DUDE! You’ve made an impact on my life, left footprints on my heart, and have forever changed my outlook on everything, especially food. Your passion for nutrition and fitness is inspiring and even though I vehemently make fun of your Paleo lifestyle (PALEO OR DIE), please note that it is because I love you and am jealous I don’t have the will power to do that.

Sam – I wish I could convey how incredibly cerebral and passionate you are, but I know my words do you no justice. Just trust me guys, he’s really intelligent! I loved our DMS sessions and learning about anatomy and just hanging with you and Britt. I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody as laidback and as we say here in California, “Chill”.  You are making a huge splash in the fitness industry and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Ryan – Let’s make it known that I lost every single bet I ever made against Ryan. Whether it was a throwing contest or a basketball contest or just Friday Game Day with the kids in the gym, you treated me like a younger sister, and I can’t even begin to explain how much that meant to me.  Thanks for putting me in my place when I needed it and pushing me to my limits in the weight room. I look forward to you kicking butt on the football field, but watch out because I’m going to be winning this next bet (I just haven’t decided what it is yet). Check out this video of Ryan doing a Men’s Health Challenge. P.S. It’s about to go down.

Zach (with Traps) – Oh boy! Where do I start with you? At first I thought you were some crazy intense trainer who wouldn’t talk to a lowly marketing intern like myself, but you opened up and I’m so glad to call you my friend. Even though you have your tough exterior, you are so incredibly kind and are an awesome fried chicken cook (nom nom nom). Thanks for “keeping it real” with me and reminding me to stay hungry and humble in all aspects of my life.

Justin – Mr. Just Go Fitness. You really are just GO GO GO and I LOVE it. I thought you would get sick of me by summer’s end but you never said “NO” and I think that’s pretty rad. Your encapsulating hugs, the no-look fist bumps, and Jeff King/Old Spice Man impersonations always put a huge smile on my face. I know you’re going to rock as a Personal Trainer and I can’t wait to be making the big bucks to hire you. Check out Justin’s Webpage here to see what he’s been up to!

Jesse – I don’t even know where to start with you Jes. I feel like you’re a little kid in an adult’s body and you keep me young at heart. You are so incredibly genuine and I don’t think I have met anybody else (or a hockey fan) who would OR could tolerate me bashing your beloved Penguins on an almost daily basis. Though you may root for Pittsburgh, say some words funny (Carnegie ahemm!), and messed up a very famous Steeler’s coach’s name, I love you to death and am so glad I got to meet you this summer. Keep your head up, keep making videos with Amanda, and stay forever young. You can check out Jesse’s awesome blog here!

Jenni – JENNAYYYYY! My snuggle buddy. My new older sister. My new best friend.  You keep me humble and have rekindled my confidence in our generation. Your passion for life, your incredible faith, and incredible work ethic is OUT OF THIS WORLD.  You have taught me so much, given me a ton of advice on EVERYTHING, and shown me how to lead a life worth living. I can’t believe we only got to spend 6 weeks together, but it’s been something I wouldn’t trade for the world. You’ve been through so much but your strength is unreal and just being around you makes me want to be a better person. I love you so much.

The interns on the 4th of July

The interns on the 4th of July

I love you guys to the moon and back and hope you realize that this summer was something incredibly special. I expect you all to stay in touch and come visit in New York because I already miss you tons.

Here’s some videos of the interns dancing, because hey who doesn’t love dancing interns?

Keep an eye out for these guys. Next thing you know, they will be on the cover of Men’s Health or on a huge billboard in Times Square. Their future is bright, their smiles brighter, and their hearts full of gold.

Until next time!