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Wait, I just RAN a half marathon?

The end of my college athletic career was one of the most difficult transitions that I’ve had to go through, and to be honest,  it was really challenging to plan for (along with the transition into the “real world”). I no longer have coaches telling me what to do or where to be;  there are no more teammates to count on in moments of weakness or for congratulatory high fives in times of success; there are no more fitness tests to pass or mandatory conditioning sessions to attend. The biggest change to date, is that now there is nobody holding me accountable for what I do (or choose not to do).

After I returned to San Diego in late December, I quickly thrust myself into as many running and fitness groups as possible, in an effort to regain that lost sense of camaraderie that I had once shared with my 31 other teammates. My week quickly began to fill up: Monday and Wednesday mornings were spent at November Project, Wednesday nights I found myself at Milestone for run club, the weekends kicked off with Friday After Work run group, followed by a combo of yoga and running at bRUNch club on Saturday, while Sundays I alternated between long runs and Glider Port Stairs at Torrey Pines. I threw down #VERBALS for almost all the workouts, which meant that I had to show up or face public social media humiliation (aka getting called out for not showing up). I became part of a bigger fitness movement in San Diego, November Project, and  was no longer just another individual running a route through another neighborhood; It felt good to be part of a “team” again.

In January, I attended every single workout possible and felt stronger than ever. I used to resent running because A) I am not very fast and B) it was commonly used as a punishment for not being fast enough . Now that I was running for myself and had no “times” to meet other than my own personal goals, I finally began to find my stride, both literally and figuratively. Running was FUN, Burpees were celebrated, and I started to “eat hills for breakfast”. Who woulda thought?

As the runs became easier and the mileage began to pick up (meaning I ran over three miles), a couple of people at November Project began talking about the San Diego Half Marathon in March. Before I knew what I was getting myself into, I was signed up and dropped my #VERBAL, even though I had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully I was able to coerce my fitness loving mother and NP superstar into running it with me so I had some sort of guidance throughout the next seven weeks.

My training plan originally called for increasing my mileage from my four mile max to pounding out eight miles the first weekend. I quickly threw that plan away (and all my hopes for running a half) and began to follow my Mom’s more carefully structured plan which included lower mileage until weeks 5-7, in which we would increase slowly to ten miles the week before the race.

Flash forward seven weeks and I’m toeing the start line for the San Diego Half Marathon, a surge of nervous energy fueling my empty, nauseous stomach. I woke up on Sunday at 4:30, sick to my stomach, unable to get anything down; by the start of the race I had been able to eat two orange slices: things were not looking good to start. Nearly two hours later and we’re downtown at Petco Park to check our bags and get ready. We immediately found some fellow NP (November Project) runners and huddled together to keep warm in true NPSD fashion #weatherspoof. At 7:20 the first wave took off and we began on our beautiful journey through San Diego, around the airport and Marine Depot, up Washington (the dreaded hill), through Hill Crest, and finally down Sixth Avenue until we turned towards the finishers chute on Fifth.

Two hours, ten minutes and forty seconds later, I finished. Three seconds later Ang came crashing into me at the finish line.

Three months ago I would of laughed at you if you told I was going to run a half marathon, let alone anything more than five miles. Now I find myself laughing, looking back at the fun I have on runs with my new “team”. Thank you to all those who pushed me both physically and mentally the last two months (including my Mom) – you continue to be a much needed daily source of inspiration.




Like Mother, Like Daughter


Meg: Focused; Ang: Fun


Race Day Prep

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Training Partners

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Running is…

I’ve had to learn how to walk  three times in my lifetime. When I was a toddler, when I tore my ACL, and once again when I ripped my meniscus off the bone. The routine is all the same – the weakness inhabiting your legs is debilitating – it’s a depressing and bitter feeling not being able to walk around and perform duties that would are normally  a walk in the park (pun intended).

Though I, thankfully, have not had to learn to walk a fourth time, I am learning to run again. In late November, I threw out my back during of post-season strength testing.  The pain was unimaginable – nothing like I had ever experienced before. I couldn’t sit, stand, sleep, you name it – without pain. The diagnosis unclear, I began physical therapy to strengthen my core, and was banned from all other workouts. A series of x-rays, scans, and doctors appointments later, I was diagnosed with sacralization of my L5-S1 joint and arthritis among other things. This process, unlike the knee, has a timeline of its own. There have been bad days and there have been better days, however, on March 28th I had a great day. I was able to run again.

Running, though it seems to be the bane of my existence during preseason, is simply one of those activities that releases all the tension from my life. When I run, I feel like I’m on cloud nine, and March 28th was no different. Though the Alter-G provided a different experience than my normal runs along the Hudson, I was enthralled to say the least, that I was able to run again (granted at 80% body weight and at 8MPH).

I don’t know about you, but running is my drug. Running is truly an escape from the harsh realities of the world. Running is how I decompress. the pounding of the pavement beneath my feet, the beating of the music ringing throughout my ear drums, the salty sweat dripping across my brow. This is why I love running so much and why it is such a big deal to me to learn to walk and run again.

Check out this video of me running again in the Alter-G.




I’m officially twenty – or as you’d say in España, veinte, and it feels so great. Last night we celebrated by spending the night at the local Dubliners in Sol and watching the Superbowl. Unfortunately for us, the game was five hours behind us so we were up quite awhile and once the stadium black out occurred  we all headed home. Quite honestly, I wish we had stayed because it was a great game (according my Twitter timeline the following morning), but we all saw Queen Bey perform, so we were all quite satisfied – the Chargers nor the Giants were in it so I did not have much invested in the Harbowl.

Birthday at Dubliners

Birthday at Dubliners

Despite not having any particular in either team and public affairs aside, I was happy that Ray Lewis was able to retire with a SB ring. Though I do not condone his off the field behavior, his tenacity, sheer competitiveness and resiliency is admirable as a fellow athlete. Perhaps my most favorite thing about the legendary linebacker is his notable pregame routine (see below):

We found our beds around 3:30ish (around the blackout) and had to get up early for class. I had extreme birthday luck when my first class was canceled and then my Blogging class was extremely easy. After school I went for a great run, plopped down on the couch, started some homework and fell asleep next to Alinah.

Found on my run

Found on my run

We were supposed to head to a group dinner but all of us ended up sleeping through it until 10. We headed over to Lateral (one of our new favorite restaurants) an hour later where we indulged in some delicious tapas and “salads” (if you can call them that) then walked over to San Gínes, our favorite, because who needs cake when you have churros?

Candlelit Dinner at Lateral

Candlelit Dinner at Lateral

Queso de Cabre Ensalada - complete with Champiñons, Lechuga, Tomates y Queso

Queso de Cabre Ensalada – complete with Champiñons, Lechuga, Tomates y Queso

It was a wonderful twentieth birthday, more than I could ever ask for – surrounded by new friends and girls who I consider my family. I can’t wait to see what’s in store this next year; if this first day is telling of anything, it’s going to be amazing.