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What’s good San Diego?

A lot of people have been asking me about what I’ve been up to since returning to California in December.  Instead of boring you with a wordy recap of the past three months, here’s a quick gallery with some highlights including new favorite restaurants, bars, workout partners, and fun memories.


Happy belated Turkey Day! I hope everybody had a marvelous time with all of their friends and family – and for those who were serving overseas – I owe you a great thanks. With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, I decided it would be best to write about everything in my life that I’m thankful for.  The list is numerous so I’m just going to touch upon my top three 🙂

1. Family  – It’s a given, but I know I wouldn’t be here today without all of their help. I am so lucky to not only have my Patten/Sachen family but also the Staab family who has taken me in the past couple of years. Not only have Pete and Nani included me in their lives but have introduced me to their extended family who take me in over the holidays. I am eternally blessed to be their “second daughter” and “sister from another mister” (as Sam likes to call it).

Pattens and Staabs (minus Petey and Pete)

Pattens and Staabs (minus Petey and Pete)

2. Soccer – The sport has not only provided me with numerous opportunities, a circle of life long friends  (shout out to all current and former teammates) whom I can call upon for anything and everything, but it also has provided me an outlet for anger, creativity, and frustration. My all time favorite passion keeps me sane despite sometimes being the root of my insanity (if that makes any sense).

What's Your Excuse?

What’s Your Excuse?

3. Freedom and Opportunity – Maybe it’s the little patriot in me or even my military background, but I am and will be forever thankful for all the freedom and opportunity I have been afforded. Myself, and so many others would not be able to do the things we love without the dedication and service of current and past armed forces (huge shut out to our Military). I know that I for one wouldn’t be in NYC or NYU without my parent’s help and I wouldn’t be able to freely write and express my opinion if it weren’t for the protectors of our freedom – so Amen to that!

Hope everybody had a safe and yummy Thanksgiving! Check out this video of some NYU athletes thanking our parents for everything!