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A Trip to the Mercado

Mercado de San Miguel

Mercado de San Miguel

Nestled between a group of apartment buildings, right behind Calle Mayor, off of the Sol Metro stop, sits the glass-enclosed Mercado de San Miguel. One of the most famous markets in Madrid, this Eataly-style building  is filled to the brim with brightly colored fruits and vegetables, the aroma of fresh pincho de tortilla, and hundreds of tourists on the weekends. Luckily enough, I live only a few minutes walk from the Mercado and have been able to leisurely walk between the permanent food stalls without the rush of people pushing me every three seconds.


Pincho de Tortilla

Though you do not have to go to the Mercado to find one of my new favorite foods, I first tried this recipe at the Mercado San Miguel (by accident) and immediately fell in love. My favorite Spanish dish so far has to be the delicious Spanish Omelet, also known as Tortilla Española. Filled with eggs, potatoes, onions, and sometimes a splash of cheese, I usually get a pincho (single serving size) of this delicacy. Served either at room temperature or warmed up,  with a side of bread, pincho de tortilla is the perfect midday snack and will fill you right up.  Partnered with a glass of wine or copa de Sangria, this dish will win over your heart at first bite.

Comida Fresca

After going on my long runs on the weekend, I like to cool down and walk around the market to see if anything catches my eye. Though the thought of an ice cream cone is enticing, I usually opt for a banana or salad. The Mercado de San Miguel, is not only home to warm dishes such as pasta and croquetas, but also to fresh fruit, meats, and fish. My favorites are the fruits and the spinach salad with white asparagus, walnuts, tomatos and balsalmic dressing; and the bananas Though it tends to be a bit more expensive than Corte Ingles (which is a grocery store – Bloomingdales – Spa – Target-all-in-one), I indulge and reward myself.

IMG_7365 Everything Else

In the market, you can also find couples sipping on very full glasses of red wine, walking around trying various tapas. A slew of green olives, sushi, and empanadas, among many other things, are at your disposal at Mercado San Miguel. Your taste buds are in heaven at San Miguel and I promise you, once you go, you’ll find it very difficult to stay away.