Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints: New York City is scary enough for first time visitors, so here are some random tips and hints to exploring the city. 

  • Get a slice of NY Pizza – Grimaldis’ (under the Brooklyn Bridge), Lombardi’s, Joes, Ben’s, John’s etc. – they’re all pretty good – if you’re looking for something a little different, try Artichoke Pizza – its pizza made with artichoke sauce (don’t mind the calories though).
  • Eat a NY bagel. Nuff said. My personal favorite is a salt bagel with cream cheese (plain I know).
  • Explore as many neighborhoods as possible because they are the reason that NY is the greatest city on Earth. Walk them, don’t drive through them.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for directions! New Yorkers are pretty friendly people!
  • Houston St. is pronounced – HOW-STON.
  • Avenues run N/S, Streets run E/W. If you are walking East the Avenues will be decrease in value (8th Avenue – 7th Avenue).
  • 5th Avenue divides east from west. Houston St. is where the numbers for street start.
  • Take the subway. Other than walking, it can often be the quickest and cheapest way to get around town (and to/from JFK). Don’t be afraid of the dark, smelly, underground transportation system. Download and app, ask for directions, hop on and GO!
  • Leave something for next time. My mom always told me to leave something to do/see, wherever you go, that brings you back to that place.
  • If you’re in NYC when it’s nice out, explore central park. If you’re a runner, get lost on the foot paths, if you’re walking, explore Sheep’s Meadow. It’s a beautiful escape from the honking and steel skyscrapers.

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