Brunch: A social event in itself for New Yorkers. Prime people-watching on Sunday mornings/afternoon as you watch all the twenty something year old girls gossip about their night out on the town.

  • Westville – With a slew of locations around the city, Westville is a healthy option for normal meals, but has a killer brunch on the weekends. With lines around the corner and a great menu – this restaurant is a must see during your trip.
  • Jane – Not to be confused with the historic “The Jane” hotel , it’s a wonderful brunch restaurant that has entrees with a complimentary cocktail for Sunday Brunch! Located on Houston.
  • Poco – Boozy brunchers pay attention – Poco is going to be your new favorite East Village brunch spot. A club vibe keeps last night’s party going and the delicious Spanish infused cuisine help make your hangover go away – Best of Both Worlds! My personal favorite is the Lobster Mac n Cheese (with a mimosa of course) and recommend that you make a reservation in advance.
  • Café Cortadito – Located next to Poco (they literally share walls) on 3rd and Avenue B, Cafe Cortadito offers a Cuban flavored brunch option for those wanting to try something a little different. I let the waitress choose my dish (I was feeling adventurous)  and tried the Tortilla de Platano con Ropa Vieja – AMAZING.
  • Hundred Acres (rebranded Shuka) – I love this neighborhood spot, tucked away on Macdougal. I used to go to Hundred Acres for their amazing cinnamon rolls, but Shuka has a similar mediterranean vibe going for it.

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