Bars: Nightlife in New York is second to none. This list will continue to grow as I set out to explore more and more bars around the city.

  • Tommy Bahama Bar – When I’m craving a bit of sunshine and a tropical drink, I head to 45th and 5th.
  • McSorleys – The oldest pub in NYC – only serve two types of beer – light and dark – super historical inside and pretty cheap for NY standards. My Mom’s favorite place to grab a beer when in the city.
  • Phebes – Freshman year, my best friend Phebe and I, promised ourselves that we would celebrate our 21st birthdays at “her bar”. Seven years and one epic birthday bash later, we call this tavern on Bowery and Fourth one of our favorite hangouts.
  • Finnerty’s – Whenever I’m craving a California vibe, I head to Finnerty’s on 2nd and 14th. It’s a Bay Area themed bar, but I don’t mind.
  • Dempsey’s – This Irish Pub became a regular hangout for my friends, family and I. Usually, I order a Stella, which also happened to be my first legal beverageLocated on 2nd and 4th St. CLOSED
  • Whiskey Town – Around the corner from Dempsey’s you’ll find a small little bar on 3rd Street and 2nd Avenue. Later on in the evening, you’ll be dancing your face off with your closest friends. Great vibes, great people.
  • Brazen Fox – This two-story bar and restaurant, in my opinion, is a great spot for a spring or summer cocktail. When the bar has all of its windows open, try to sit by the edge so you can people watch down Third Avenue and 13th.
  • Blind Pig – Ordinarily an Arsenal Bar, the Blind Pig is home to trivia on Tuesday nights at 8PM. You can get a wide range of people at this bar depending on the night or if there is a game on, but if there’ isn’t an EPL game on, you can count on other sports to be on the TVs.
  • 13th Step – Calling all 21+ year olds in New York. This is the sacred ground for all seniors at NYU as well as recent college grads who love sports. Ironically enough, their name comes from the 13th step in the 12 step AA program.  Don’t forget about Dollar Beers on Tuesday nights!
  • Sly Fox – Dive bar central! A polish bar that has some eastern European beers at a great price.
  • Bourbon Street – Located off of Times Square, this bar and grill is definitely the place to be on the weekend. An older crowd (late 20’s and up) is usually what you’ll find along with great Happy Hour specials.
  • Hair of the Dog – Nestled in the heart of the Lower East Side on Stanton and Orchard, this local hangout is a sister restaurant to “13th Step”. It’s super crowded on the weekends, but they have great happy hour specials to check out!


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